Scope Your Way to Better Budgets

For building owners and their representatives, one of the most frustrating parts of the preconstruction process is budget estimate creation. It’s an exercise in aggravation. There is never enough data on hand. The work itself is time-consuming and tedious. The stakes are incredibly high, as an inaccurate budget estimate can hamstring a project and send consequences rippling throughout an organization. Budgeting is an agonizing, pressure-packed task with risk around every corner. It always has been.
But it doesn’t have to be.
Owners can avoid budget pitfalls and get their budget estimates off to a winning start by creating a clear, detailed Scope of Work. But building a solid scope easier said than done. How do you write a good scope? What information do you need? Where do you find it?
This guide from Gordian contains everything building owners need to know: how to think about the Scope of Work, how to write an effective scope, the information to include and where to find reliable data. Creating a budget estimate does not have to be a source of frustration. Download this eBook to find out how to write a comprehensive Scope of Work that will have you budgeting like a champion.



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