A Closer Look at Market Trends & Synergies with Coloring Foods

With today’s “Look Good, Feel Good” era consumers placing equal value on aesthetics and nutrition alike, what determines which products make the cut?

As we round the corner into a new season and close in on 2019’s finish line, food and beverage manufacturers face more challenges than ever when it comes to finding a modern recipe for success. Luckily, however, EXBERRY® Coloring Foods make it easy for products to rise to consumer demands and stand out on the shelf with easy-to-recognize, all-natural ingredients.

Download this trend report to learn more about how to:

  • Meet the demands of incoming Gen Z Consumers with feel-good Shades of Sunshine and holistic natural ingredients

  • Respond to an increasingly educated consumer tendency to scrutinize of ingredient lists and gravitate towards clean-label products

  • Stay ahead of and satisfy market trends, like Meat Alternatives, Functional Ingredients/Health Halo’s, and Unexpected Flavor/Application Combinations (ex: Savory Ice Creams)



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