Future Stores report: Drive loyalty with online and in-store engagement

Retailers are using customer data to revamp their in-store and online experiences. From arming store staff with details about their customers’ desires and behavior, to redesigning stores for a seamless match of in-store and online experiences, smart customer data management lights the path to profitability.

See how data-driven insights are giving physical stores major makeovers designed to boost sales and improve customer lifetime value. Get the Future Stores survey report “Brick-and-Mortar Loyalty: How Brand and In-Store Engagement Strategies Go Hand in Hand” and you’ll learn how marketers and retailers:

  • Reach Millennials and other desirable demographics with data-driven “experiential retail”
  • Create revenue-boosting “phygital” retail customer experiences based on data and AI insights
  • Use data to navigate rough retail environments and thrive even in tough times
  • Micro-target customers based on their tastes, behavior, and values.



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