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EV Charging Partnerships:

Exploring Utility-Auto Innovations

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Robert Walton

Senior Reporter
Utility Dive

Joel Levin

Executive Director
Plug in America

Leilani Gonzalez

Policy Director

Zero Emission Transportation Association

Nadia El Mallakh

Vice President of Clean Transportation and Strategic Partnerships
Xcel Energy

Amy Costadone

Principal Product Manager
Vehicle-to-Grid Integration
Pacific Gas & Electric

Adam Langton

Energy Services Manager
BMW of North America Group

Whitney Kopanko

EV Program Manager and Marketing Director
Sonny Merryman

Kellen Schefter

Senior Director of Electric Transportation
Edison Electric Institute

Adam Birdsong

Electric Distribution Program Manager
Dominion Energy


The Utility and Auto sectors are undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the rapid expansion of electric vehicles. As EV ownership and use grow, utility companies are forming partnerships with auto manufacturers, charging companies, and energy management vendors to help formulate their approach to managing EVs’ impact on energy demand and supply.

Join the journalists at Utility Dive who have been at the forefront of tracking these developments, along with key industry leaders, as we delve into the partnerships forming between the top utility and auto companies. Registrants for this free event will hear from our editorial team and panelists who will answer the questions top of mind for the industry, such as:

  • Why have these partnerships become necessary? What do the partnerships bring that utilities can’t do themselves?
  • What are utilities and their partners hoping to learn long term? What have they learned already?
  • How will these partnerships measure success? What are the opportunities for ongoing collaboration?

Plus, we’ll present a case study of a successful partnership for our attendees to learn more about what aspects of EV charging it’s addressing. Utility Dive is tracking partnerships focused on vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-everything (V2X), demand response, energy use and charging behavior, charging infrastructure ownership and management, equity and more. Hear from participants in one such partnership about the scope of work, goals, results to date and future plans.

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Session Information

Partnering to Advance Transportation Electrification


Join us as we discuss the purpose of these partnerships directly with the leaders developing them and experts who can provide an industry-wide view of partnership activity.What are the most common questions these utility-automotive partnerships are trying to answer? What do the utilities and their partners hope to learn by working together? Why can’t utilities go it alone? And what are the key takeaways for how these partnerships need to be structured to operate successfully?

Case Studies: Utilities and Their Partners Discuss Active Partnerships

In this interactive session, hear directly from those involved in building the new frontier of EV charging. This session will provide key learnings for audience members who either want to explore similar partnerships or answer the questions these partnerships are designed to address regarding the impact of electric vehicles on electric supply, demand and use . We’ll ask our panelists what initially led them to develop their partnerships, the type of work they’re doing, anticipated deliverables and how they’ll get there, the expenses and more. Also, what are the opportunities for broadening these partnerships further?