How to Reach Performance Goals by Adopting a Smart Culture 

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Duration: 1 hour

The food and beverage industry is confronting some of its biggest challenges to date. The pressure to do more with less—to reduce costs, operate more efficiently and extend the life of operating assets while also increasing operating capacity—Is compounded by market factors beyond its control. An ageing workforce and apparent shortage of skilled replacements, supply chain disruptions and rising inflation that contributes to higher raw material costs. Many businesses believe the solution lies in technology. But they are only partly right as Industry 4.0 initiatives frequently fail to reach their full potential.

The goal is smarter operations, and a smart culture can help businesses get there. Adopting a smart culture means aligning an organization’s people, processes, tools and technology in order to optimize the potential of all those assets. It’s a mindset first, followed by coordinated efforts to achieve a shared vision for the organization. And a healthier bottom line is the ultimate result.

Businesses wanting to adopt a smart culture have resources available to them, including the LCEsmartr playbook. This webinar will examine how the playbook can help food and beverage companies address their biggest pain points by incorporating the proven best practices that smart cultures embody. The LCEsmartr playbook will help companies improve their business outlook via better integration of their assets to reduce waste and increase production and profitability, among other things.

Critical areas we’ll cover include:

  • How to align Industry 4.0 strategy with asset management
  • How to eliminate underperformance and improve asset management
  • How to clean up reliability issues
  • How to develop performance standards for critical equipment
  • How to train your people to use machinery and technology to its full potential


John Roberston
VP, Reliability Consulting Group
Life Cycle Engineering



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