Do Gen Z students feel prepared for the workplace?

According to a recent survey, Gen Z students feel less prepared than their millennial and Gen X counterparts. Wakefield Research surveyed both students and hiring managers. To learn more about student and employer perceptions, including generational differences and implications for higher education institutions, download the full survey results.

  • 62% of students surveyed enrolled in college to improve their job prospects 
  • But, only 39% believe they will be very prepared for the workplace when they graduate
  • 88% of students plan to pursue additional education programs or credentials after they complete their current program
  • 25% of employers that require degrees for entry-level jobs accept credentials in place of a degree
  • Recruiters and students agree there is a soft skills gap
  • Institutions need to invest in business models to support lifelong learning

So how can higher education institutions increase their value to these audiences? Integrating soft skills into their curriculum is one answer. Investing in new business models that provide easily accessible, online, lifelong learning opportunities is another. 

Learn what skills they would like to improve, their thoughts on lifelong learning, how they value degrees and credentials, and how you can better help them. Read the report.



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