Managing DERs for Creative Energy Industry Disruption

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Effective DER management can transform how the energy industry operates. The utilities that have been quick to adopt these technologies are replacing some (or most) of their traditional generation with flexible capacity, including, demand response and DER assets that can be ramped up and down in real time.

Industry experts suggest that taking this leap is not merely a matter of survival, but also a chance to gain competitive advantage in the new energy landscape.

In this playbook, you'll learn:

  • How fast the disruption is happening, and how it’s reshaping the fundamentals of the energy industry
  • The three current, prominent trends fueling the current wave of energy industry disruption
  • Why DERMS, VPPs and Flexible Capacity are being considered game changers for utility operations
  • Why it’s so critical for utilities wanting to make this transformation to have support from regulators
  • Why utitlies need to overhaul grid operations to realize their flexible capacity future




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