The Path to Customer-Centric Data Management in Healthcare

Duration: 47 minutes

More than ever before, health systems and life sciences organizations are under immense pressure to modernize their data programs. These pressures come from government regulators that want tight privacy controls, from public health advocates that want better data faster, and from their own customers who expect personalized experiences.
In this webinar, hear from experts at Slalom and Adobe on how to embark on a digital and data transformation strategy that meets the demands of highly regulated industries. We’ll discuss the current market landscape that is impacting the need for secure and compliant data infrastructure, the tools you can use to undergo these transformations, and the ways our healthcare customers have already begun this journey. We’ll also introduce Adobe Real-time CDP with Healthcare Shield, a leading solution that provides a 360-degree view of individual customers while meeting HIPAA requirements and enabling robust and granular data management.
Join us to unlock the potential of data and revolutionize healthcare data management for a brighter, customer-centric future.
Key Takeaways:

  • Industry trends on how data governance and compliance are shaping the future of healthcare and life sciences
  • Current challenges the industry is facing and technology strategies for overcoming them
  • How organizations are improving customer experience with the latest tools and technologies, including Adobe Real-time CDP


Tom Swanson
Head of Healthcare Strategy & Marketing

David Schweinfurth
Global Director of Marketing Technology, CDP Practice Lead

Johanna DeYoung
Managing Director, Life Sciences



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