COVID-19 and the High Cost of Healthcare:Why Companies are Investing in Behavioral Health Strategies for Mental Wellness and Substance Use Disorders

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Duration: 1 hour

Covid-19 caused an immense amount of stress and negatively impacted the mental health of many individuals. In particular, it deeply affected those vulnerable to substance use and misuse. The increase in substance use during the pandemic isn’t surprising; Covid-19 has brought several issues to the forefront including loneliness, isolation, anxiety, financial insecurities, and much more which in turn led people to use substances as a coping mechanism.

Employers can play a critical role in supporting the behavioral health needs of their workforce, from removing the stigma around mental health to offering programs that help those dealing with a behavioral health condition. By taking the lead to address mental health and substance use disorders, employers have an opportunity to improve the health and well- being of their employees, reduce overall health care expenses, and contribute to solving the addiction problem prevalent in the country today. In this webinar, learn how to effectively address behavioral health issues including SUDs while navigating challenges around timely access to resources, therapy, and treatment. We’ll discuss:

  • The impact of COVID on employee mental health and well-being
  • How employee well-being and addiction are impacting your bottom line, and how to reduce healthcare costs
  • How to break down the stigma around mental health and addiction for employees who need help
  • Effective strategies to support the holistic wellness of the workforce


Yusuf Sherwani
CEO of Quit Genius

Vinny Catalano
Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
Lockton Companies

Maurice Palagonia
Vice President, Employee Benefits
USI Insurance Services


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