What are e-Commerce leaders focusing on today? 

With the prospect of a present retail rebound, e-Commerce leaders are shifting away from capital-intensive projects and are now focused on extracting value from existing digital investments. In their latest Research Report, Capitalizing on Momentum: Fueling the Ecommerce Engine for 2022 and Beyond, Rightpoint surveyed ecommerce managers, directors, and VPs to find out what’s top-of-mind for continued growth.

Download today to uncover:

  • Why 2022 is not about growth and is about extracting value from the major investments made over the past 18 months.
  • How there’s greater weight placed on maximizing momentum while interest identifying benefits of decoupling front and back end persists.
  • Why relaunching does not refer to end-to-end rebuild and platform migration anymore but is about an iterative approach and integrations.
  • To lean into more human elements of your business to bolster branding while relying on using data to make decisions.



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