Bringing the Intelligent Supply Chain to Life

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Duration: 1 hour

​Many of today’s supply chain and operations leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the complexities of modern market requirements, shifting customer expectations and disruptive competitors.  They are hampered by inefficient legacy systems and outdated processes which are affecting their competitiveness.   

Companies are under pressure to transform their supply chain operating models but are unclear on how to harness the right mix of the technologies.  Their aim is to have immediate and accurate visibility into every stage of the supply chain from sourcing to delivery, and harness that visibility to optimize decisions.  

An intelligent supply chain is built upon digital technologies that empower businesses to keep up with the speed of their customers’ needs and expectations. Digitally transforming how we source and deliver goods to end-customers helps improve visibility and agility, reduce costs and operate a customer-centric supply chain.  Multi-enterprise business networks are revolutionizing how companies bring together the necessary parties, documents and data into a digital ecosystem. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of things (IoT) help turn data into intelligence to make and execute supply chain decisions.

At the end of the webinar, participants should understand:

  • The concept of intelligent supply chains and how technologies can transform outdated systems and processes 
  • What technologies are available and are most suited to their industries 
  • How cloud-based solutions can provide real-time visibility into all stages of their supply chain 
  • How to start on the road to determining the right supply chain cloud network to support your company’s requirements for future growth and market competitiveness


Heidi Benko
VP Solutions Strategy & Marketing Infor Supply Chain Management

Bob Ferrari
Managing Director
The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group


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