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Beyond the Ping-Pong Table: 

Best Practices for Boosting Engagement


Caroline Colvin

HR Dive

Ginger Christ

HR Dive

Ryan Golden

Senior Reporter
HR Dive

Reggie Willis

Chief Diversity Officer

Jason Walker 

Co-founder & CHRO
Thrive HR Consulting

Alissa Schepisi

Executive Vice President, Employee Experience


VP of Client Development
Vensure Employer Services

Brent Cassel

Vice President, Advisory
Gartner HR

Jackie Dube

Chief People Officer
The Predictive Index

Sarah Woodbury

Advisory CP of Sales & CS
The Predictive Index


Gone are the days when an office ping-pong table and free snacks amounted to an employee engagement strategy. In today’s dynamic workplace, research reveals that factors such as meaningful work and clear expectations are actually the driving forces behind an engaged workforce. How can HR pros address this mindset shift and meet those needs, especially in challenging macro environments?

Join the editorial team at HR Dive for an insightful webinar, alongside a panel of experts, to discuss these trends, and get practical advice for engaging employees in today’s market. We’ll answer the following questions:

  • How has employee engagement evolved — and where is it headed next?
  • What does engagement mean in the hybrid work era?
  • How should HR teams  personalize engagement efforts for each workforce?
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Session Information

Session 1 |How Employee Experience Has Evolved and Where It’s Headed Next

In this session, labor reporter Caroline Colvin, who writes an “Employee Experience” column for HR Dive seeks to understand how workplace culture has evolved in the “return to office” era.

Session 2 | Employee Engagement in the Hybrid Work Era

In an era where offsite work has never been more commonplace, workplace culture is struggling to keep up. In this session, we’ll bring HR professionals up to speed on the latest in hybrid work developments, discuss how to approach return-to-office requirements and learn what HR departments can do to retain talent in the years ahead.

Session 3 | One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Personalize Engagement Efforts

How to personalize engagement efforts for the workforce and individual employees and employee groups.

Session 4 | The Predictive Index | Thriving Together: How Talent Optimization Unlocks Team Engagement and Potential