The 2020 Playbook Addendum Augment Your Frontline To Boost Sales Momentum

In the midst of a global pandemic, the role of commercial field teams evolved right before our eyes. “Nice to have” sales tactics like digital sales aids and tele-detailing instantly became mandatory as brand teams and sales trainers scrambled to modernize Provider-Rep engagement.

Now that field teams are starting to master these virtual interactions and settle into “the new normal,” pharmaceutical manufacturers are turning their attention to the next phase: make up lost sales.

Fortunately, this initial shift to virtual engagements and supporting infrastructure (e.g., technology) enables manufacturers to complement field promotions with more personalized services for providers and patients.

Download Krista Pinto’s latest article to learn how three proven strategies can augment your frontline and boost momentum in:

  • Prescription Volume
  • ​Product Affordability
  • Therapy Adoption


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