AI-Powered Coaching Bots: A New Path to Financial Wellness

GreenPath, a leading financial institution, is continually putting customers' financial health at the forefront of its business model. Through a partnership with eGain, GreenPath has launched a Virtual Finance Coach. This innovative AI-powered Coach shares friendly step-by-step guidance based on the customer's interests, financial priorities and founded behavioral principles. Greenpath customers get bite-sized action steps and motivational nudges to encourage progress toward their financial goals.

In this webinar, GreenPath and eGain executives discuss the state of financial institutions. They also discuss:

  • How customer's financial and banking decisions are shifting
  • The latest trends in customer behaviors regarding investment and finance preferences
  • The effects of personalized financial coaching
  • Key behavioral science principles that impact financial decisions and positive responses to coaching
  • In-house development of AI-powered financial industry tools vs. the value of building upon a proven AI-platform
  • KPIs and A/B Testing parameters to meet the needs of your financial institution, no matter how large or small
Meet the Panelists

 Rick Bialobrzeski, EVP of Strategy
 GreenPath Financial Wellness

Rick Bialobrzeski heads up GreenPath's strategic partnerships, with a focus on researching and developing collaborations that are win-win-win: good for our clients, good for our partners, good for us. He works to maximize GreenPath's reach so we connect more people with quality resources and information to support their financial wellness journey. He believes that financial wellness can be life-changing for millions of Americans. 

Evan Siegel, VP of Financial Services and AI

Among Evan Siegel's achievements is developing an innovative financial health coaching team for Wells Fargo that was featured on the company's 2019 brand campaign, annual report and ABC News Good Morning America. At eGain, Siegel extended the company's award-winning AI, knowledge management and customer engagement technology from customer service to the sales domain. His attention to detail and ideas to improve the financial landscape and health of his customers, and in turn, their customers, is always top-of-mind.


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