Perfect Plan to a Perfect Store


Trade promotion management (TPM) is a complex process, and too often, investments are squandered due to limited planning capabilities and a lack of control over promotion management. Strikingly, two thirds of promotions do not yield a positive ROI, and only 14% of consumer goods (CG) organizations are satisfied with their ability to manage trade promotions. Retail Execution (RE) looks at the planned promotional activity from TPM at the end-point, at the shelf. The tools are utilized together to maintain a competitive advantage, successful CG companies – working with retail partners – deliver a superior consumer experience and guarantee planogram compliance.

Optimizing the experience at various points of sale through sales drivers, measurement objectives, and digitally-captured data enables businesses to build the perfect store, and confirm that the planned promotional activities are executed. CG organizations that leverage these tools see real results – like a 25% boost in sales, improved trade spend efficiency.

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  • Increase agility during promotion execution

  • Improve and course correct a plan

  • Implement forward-thinking solutions today

  • Maximize profitability and make smarter decisions



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