CFO Live: Adapt to Change and Build for the Future

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CFOs have had to relentlessly assess, strategize, plan, alter previous plans, and then execute to keep their companies afloat while much of our world has changed.

They have steered their companies through a multi-year disruption that lacked any type of clear established roadmap. Our mission is to bring CFOs together to share the insights needed to create a roadmap for the future.

Join our host, Andy Burt, Managing Director and Head of Content at CFO, for a half-day event that captures how CFOs are adapting to change and building for the future. The event is designed to highlight, inspire, equip, and connect finance chiefs. Attendees will walk away with the tools they need to navigate what’s next.

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Featured Speakers

John R. (Jack) Hartung
Chief Financial Officer
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Carlos Londono
Vice President & Head of Supply Chain
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Arianna Ozzanto
Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Pearcy
Senior VP & Chief Financial Officer
Dallas Wings and Panther City Lacrosse Club

Katherine Motlagh
Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer

Jamie Cohen
Chief Financial Officer

Andy Burt
Managing Director & Head of Content

Keynote: 3 Habits of Today's Highly Effective CFO

Today’s CFOs are facing challenges that their predecessors never did: a tight labor market and dispersed workforce, social and environmental concerns, and cybersecurity risks, to name a few. Our opening keynote session will illuminate the habits that effective CFOs use to meet the demands of their ever-expanding roles.
Panel: Scenario Planning: Strategy, Steps and Practical Examples

CFOs continually have to shorten time horizons for planning from months to weeks and even days. During this session, we will explore how CFOs can lead their companies’ efforts to plan for a wide range of scenarios, including those their companies have not experienced but still have to be ready for.

Fireside Chat: Building Stronger Supply Chains Together

Our closing fireside chat will examine how CFOs are working with their CSCO (Chief Supply Chain Officer) to minimize supply chain disruptions, strengthen supplier relationships, improve the customer experience, and ultimately fuel growth.



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