Voice of the Customer in MedTech:

Advanced Strategies to Boost Business Success and Differentiate оn a Competitive Market

Duration: 1 hour

Vital Strategies for Staying Alive in a Growing MedTech Market
Innovation is accelerating within the medical device manufacturing market, a trend that can be attributed to the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients. Factors such as staff shortages, the aging population, and global economic trends contribute, as has the decision-making process behind new equipment purchases. One approach that can help ensure the success of such large-scale investments is close examination of medical professionals’ needs, as well as the consumers they’re serving. Capturing that data effectively sets successful MedTech manufactures apart from the competition.

In this webinar by GemSeek, industry experts examine best practices and learnings from their personal experience about:

  • How the evolving needs and challenges of healthcare practitioners impact medical device manufacturing and growing importance of customer and patient experience
  • The importance of listening to the Voice of the Customer and the competitors' customers, as well, to ensure business leaders take the right decisions
  • How the leading MedTech companies utilize customer feedback to improve customer experience, product, marketing and brand strategies


Ivan Stoyanov
Commercial Director and Head of Healthcare Insights & Analytics

Anneke Quinn-de Jong
Head of Brand & Experience Insight

Matthew Boretti
Director, Customer Experience

Kate MacNamee
Product Research and Business Strategy
Butterfly Network


About GemSeek
​GemSeek is a provider of Integrated Customer Experience Intelligence Services. We are here to help global enterprises design, build and scale up their Customer Experience and Voice of the Customer programs. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in the dynamics of the healthcare market and will help you answer even the most complex questions about product strategy, competitive benchmarking, and customer experience. Learn more.


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