Top 7 Economic Impacts of Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover attacks are top of mind for many digital businesses. These large-scale attacks put consumer accounts at risk and hinder the relationships that are critical for growth. By accessing user accounts, attackers make significant profits, which allow fraudsters to continue to proliferate and attack downstream.

​To help gather key insights to protect your business, Arkose Labs surveyed over 100 InfoSec and fraud executives about the ways account takeovers impact their companies.

In a new eBook from Arkose Labs, Account Takeover Survey: Top 7 Findings on the Impact of ATO, you’ll discover:

  • How ATOs cost the average business over $2 million annually
  • Why 70%+ of IT executives say account integrity is their top security concern
  • How 63% of executives experienced compliance issues due to ATO attacks
  • ...and much more.



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