The Student Shopping Report 2020

Students are pioneering the shopping habits that will define Gen Z. It’s time to check in with them.  

Today’s students are changing the game. Not only are they Gen Zs - digitally native with a strong sense of ethics - they’re also attending college amidst a global pandemic, grappling with disruption and uncertainty every single day. So what exactly is on the radar for these students? How do their worldview and their habits feed into how they shop? 

This summer, Student Beans posed key questions to a nationally representative group of US college students. The results were enlightening - and we’re ready to share them with you.

  • Get quantitative insights into students’ habits when it comes to COVID-19, marketing, discounts and online shopping.
  • Hear the lived experiences of real students, who weigh in on the die-hard habits and viral trends that have shaped their worlds. 
  • Meet Kayla, Nicole & Jacob - three student personas cultivated from our data to give you the strongest sense of who you’re marketing to. 
  • Delve into your sector - whether it’s fashion, health & beauty, food & drink, tech & mobile, entertainment or travel, go beyond the top line and find out how students really interact with brands like yours.


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