The State of AI in Business Intelligence: The Features You Should Look for Today

AI is transforming business intelligence and the way that food, bev, and CPG professionals can act on insights in their data.

In this eBook, we’ll tackle the bottom-line value of AI in BI and show how this technology is currently driving growth with features like automated brand analysis and market share research.

Learn how:

  • AI-driven BI can answer questions like “How did Brand A perform in Q3?”

  • Natural language technologies bridge the communication gap between BI solutions and business people (think category and brand managers, consumer insights specialists, and more).

  • Machine learning delivers deep insights that pinpoint the causes beneath trends in your data.

  • Automation drives action with fast analysis.

  • AI empowers business people to invest their time and energy on setting and executing business strategy instead of hunting for answers and wrangling routine reports together.


Get the eBook today to learn how to leverage AI to win at the shelf.



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