The FP&A Solution for Excel Users

While the finance department leads the direction of an organization, the function hasn’t seen much change over the years. Teams today rely heavily on Excel, just as they did some twenty years ago. Instead of leveraging the power of the large datasets available today, data analysis and business insights still depend on individual knowledge. 

The single version of truth is buried somewhere in multiple files, hidden by multiple adjustments and clouded by errors. The little to no time left after consolidating data is spent on the part with the greatest added value-analyzing data, trying to understand the obstacles standing in the company’s way, and identifying what can help the company succeed.

But what if you could automate, accelerate, and improve FP&A processes, without leaving Excel? What if you could significantly boost processes while continuing to work as you’re used to? What if you finally had time to analyze your data, and an innovative tool that doesn’t change how you work to help you do it? 

Discover how to: 

  • Create a single source of truth

  • Automatically consolidate every piece of financial and organizational data

  • Discover underlying drivers 

  • Prepare automatic financial reports and visualizations



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