Go Green, Save Green, Earn Green.
The Energy Management Toolkit for Higher Ed Financial and Environmental Sustainability

Managing the way your educational institution uses energy is no small challenge.
Maintaining the comfort level of students, staff, and faculty while keeping your energy budget under control isn’t easy, but it’s a task you work hard at every day. Chances are, your facilities require an energy spend that is among the highest expenses your school faces.
What if you could reduce your energy costs AND earn revenue for using less energy?
CPower can help you make it happen.
CPower has extensive experience helping schools like yours save on high energy costs, earn needed revenue, meet your sustainability goals, and increase grid reliability. Our CPower team learns about the intricacies of your institution. Then we create a CPowered™ Strategy  for you, consisting of the optimal combination of CPowered™ Solutions to suit your school’s specific energy and sustainability needs.
In this free white paper, CPower gives you the tools to achieve and maintain both environmental and financial sustainability. We reveal:
  • How demand response programs can help schools save and earn their way to achieving sustainability goals
  • How temporarily reducing electricity consumption when the grid is stressed and generate revenue and cost savings
  • How distributed energy resources like generators and storage batteries help optimize energy programs and maximize revenue from demand-side energy management programs​
​​CPower has helped hundreds of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities across the country save on energy costs and earn revenue through energy curtailment, enhance their sustainability efforts, and contribute to a balanced, reliable grid. Download our free white paper and find out how CPower can help you.


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