Solving the Third-Party Access Gap in Identity

Providing third parties with internal access to data and systems has become a regular business practice for many organizations as they try to utilize partners, vendors, supply chains, and other non-employees to be most competitive in the market. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have good automated identity programs for these users and the risk of a high-profile and costly breach continues to increase. According to a recent report from SecureLink and Ponemon, 74% of organizations attribute their data breaches saying it was the result of giving too much privileged access to third-parties.

​Watch this webinar to hear an update from guest speaker, Merritt Maxim, VP Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester, and David Pignolet, CEO, from SecZetta on:

  • The impact of the growing reliance on third parties – both humans, non-humans, on identity risk.
  • The flaws of current systems and methodologies in providing sufficient contextual identity data.
  • Key considerations needed to make well-informed, risk-based decisions about provisioning, verifying, and deprovisioning access.


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