Recalibrate Your Private Brand Strategy for 2021

Private brands are experiencing a surge in popularity as a significant share of consumers experimented with what was in stock and cost effective in 2020. This recent trend in consumer behavior is changing the way food retailers market, source, produce and distribute private brand products. 

Investing in private brands gives major retailers a leg-up on competitors that don't exercise this lever. Now is the time to optimize your private brand strategy and technology approach to drive market differentiation and secure deeper customer loyalty. 

In Bamboo Rose's white paper, "Key Steps for Advancing Grocery Private Brands," we outline the most effective initiatives food retailers should consider when growing their private brands, including:

  • Innovating in step with changing consumer trends
  • Connecting broader sustainability initiatives with private brands
  • Mastering product transparency and supply chain traceability
  • Enabling complete supplier visibility and collaboration

Download the white paper today and find out how you can take your private brand approach to the next level.


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