Preparing Your IPO Readiness Checklist

A successful initial public offering (IPO)—which depends so heavily on investor sentiment—may be easier to pull off right now as investors who once focused on near-term or even current profitability are now seemingly more willing to buy into a company whose first quarterly profit is at least two years off.

​But that doesn’t mean any company can roll up to public markets and expect a successful public launch. The IPO process takes several months of preparation and execution—understanding some of the key mileposts is essential before beginning down that road.

Preparation for an IPO can take anywhere from nine to twelve months and involves significant resources. In fact, the IPO is just the launching point for a longer journey.

Explore how Deloitte’s IPO readiness services can help you before, during, and after the IPO—guiding you through a personalized IPO checklist and navigating the reporting obligations that follow listing.



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