Planning for the first days as a public company after a SPAC merger

The special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) process demands significant attention and energy for all parties, especially the CFO of the target company. It is tempting to see the process of winning investor approval, communicating your story to potential investors, raising private investment in public equity (PIPE) funds and timely completion of the transaction as the end of a strategic and monumental task. However, another set of challenges awaits just beyond, as the target company is launched as a newly public company.

A post-SPAC company must be ready with certain filings, processes and policies in place just prior to the first day its shares are traded. And the company must also report accurate financials on time—depending on filing status, this could be in as few as 40 days after the end of its most recent financial quarter. These form the initial deadlines for the post-SPAC process. Some post-SPAC companies already have many of the structures and policies of a public company in place. But not all do. In fact, for some post-SPAC companies, it will be a fresh-build challenge. 

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