Monolith vs MACH: A MACH Commerce Guide

Online shoppers have more choices than ever. They can interact with brands across any number of channels, with new ones added all the time, and on any device they want. Brands need to be able to keep up. They need agility, flexibility, the ability to create content and commerce experiences that really align with their business values and roadmap.

​MACH can help, greatly. But migrating from a traditional monolith platform to a MACH approach needs to be properly considered, especially in relation to whether it’s right for your business. This MACH Commerce Guide walks you through all of it, from understanding this new technology to getting started on your migration journey.

Highlights of this guide include:

  • Why now? Why MACH?
  • The basics of MACH and understanding all the industry terminology
  • MACH myths and misconceptions
  • A MACH checklist – so you can see whether making the move is right for you
  • How to get started with MACH



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