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Insights into the Holiday 2023 season



Daphne Howland

Senior Reporter
Retail Dive

Peter Adams

Senior Reporter
Marketing Dive

Max Garland

Senior Reporter
Supply Chain Dive

Stephanie Arnold

Lead Editor
Retail Dive

Vijay Ramachandran

VP, GTM (Go-to-Market) Enablement + Experience
Pitney Bowes

Carson Krieg

Head of Industry Growth, Last Mile

Sarah Crockett



Head of Retail Research
Madison Marquette



Experts say this holiday season isn’t likely to be like last year, or the year before. But what exactly will it be like? With consumer sentiment up, inflation down and rapidly shifting parcel carrier landscapes, the 2023 peak holiday season is sure to bring some unexpected twists and turns.

Join Industry Dive’s expert team of journalists from Marketing Dive, Retail Dive and Supply Chain Dive for their second annual holiday season preview, as they  share trends that every leader needs to know. Attendees of this free event will hear discussions of the following topics: 

  • The specific tactics marketers need to know to avoid being left out in the cold this shopping season.
  • Where and when consumers will shop during the holidays
  • How shipping challenges and opportunities will shape strategies

Plus you’ll hear directly from the c-suite at major companies on how they’re planning for the 2023 holiday season. Complete your free registration today.

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Session Information

Session 1 | The forces working for and against a post-inflation, post-pandemic holiday

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, people stuck at home spent mostly on goods; the 2021 holiday season helped launch a year of splurging, and in 2022, despite inflation, holiday shoppers were by and large still in the mood to spend. But, even with consumer sentiment up and inflation down, there are challenges that could pose a risk to holiday sales this year. 

Join Retail Dive  and our industry expert for a deep dive into consumer sentiment, shopping trends and their take on the holiday outlook.

Session 2 | How marketers can find joy at the cash register

Consumers want to be dazzled by holiday ads, yet the numerous potential pitfalls spotting the marketing landscape this year would give pause to even the savviest CMO. In this session with our Marketing Dive reporters, learn how some of the biggest brands are balancing the right messaging with the best channels for investment to make sales shine. Hear insights directly from industry executives on the roles likely to be played by TikTok, generative AI and ad fraud in the months ahead, as well as tips for how to approach a consumer environment that is more divided than ever.

Session 3 | Parcel outlook: Navigating carrier service and costs this peak season

Facing a cloudy economic outlook and a rapidly shifting parcel carrier landscape, the 2023 peak holiday shipping season is sure to bring some unexpected twists and turns for parcel shippers. Experts from both Supply Chain Dive and industry leaders will share their tips on how retailers can ensure reliable service from FedEx, UPS and other carriers while avoiding costly surcharges.

Session 4 | Wrap Up Panel