Industry Report:

How AR is Changing Field Service

Over the next decade, the utility industry will lose as much as 50% of their workforce to retirement. Utilities, like many other verticals, rely heavily on their experienced workers for asset and operational knowledge. So, when these experienced workers retire, organizations are at risk of losing this critical knowledge. To help overcome this challenge and train new workers more efficiently, leading utilities are increasingly adopting digital transformation technologies like augmented reality (AR).

​In a new report, Librestream and Worldwide Business Research (WBR) explore how AR capabilities like remote collaboration and digital work instructions are helping field service organizations, including those in the utility industry, overcome skills shortages, enhance training & onboarding, and maximize business outcomes. This report includes insights on the following:

  • Key use cases of AR
  • Barriers to adoption
  • Strategies to successfully leverage and scale this technology



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