Human Versus Machine: 

The State of POS Testing

Despite advancements in AI-augmented testing and its capabilities to overcome issues with scale, coverage, and speed, many retailers continue with manual point-of-sale (POS) testing.

​As a result, QA leaders face an impossible choice ― release faster or prolong testing for fewer defects. However, what if they could have both speed and quality?

Keysight's latest industry report poses these questions and more to over 500 retail QA leaders to assess their testing techniques and the impact on release speed and frequency, the ability to meet test requirements, and scalability.

Our in-depth report explores critical testing scenario decisions and their results. Among the study's highlights:

  • Find out what 81% of QA leaders chose ― speed over quality.
  • Learn how teams using automation could release up to four times more than manual test teams, deploying over 26 times per year.
  • Understand why 47% of retailers must optimize their testing methods or fail to achieve their release targets in the next three years.

Explore these findings today and put our research into practice to optimize your testing teams and the services you provide to your customers.



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