How to Prepare for Budgeting Season?

Creating a budget is essential for any business, no matter what stage it is in. In essence, your budget is your company's financial roadmap, ensuring that you'll fund your current and future plans, understand performance and cost drivers so you'll make better financial decisions.

​To build an accurate and efficient budget, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure that your budgeting goes much smoother. Preparing ahead of time will also encourage cross-departmental collaboration and ensure that everything is set in place for an efficient budgeting process.

In the Budgeting Survival Guide:

  • We take you through everything you need to know to get ready for budgeting season.
  • We discuss why collaboration is the key to a successful budget, and involving stakeholders is imperative to making use of the decentralized know-how in the organization.
  • We look at how implementing the right tools is crucial to help you make it through the budgeting process without a hitch.
  • The Finance leaders at StackOverflow, Ironclad, Landing, and Taxfix, to name a few, share insights into their processes as well as tips and tricks to guide you.

The guide is brought by Layer, a spreadsheet platform that works on top of Excel and Google Sheets, allowing you to share your spreadsheets on a file, tab, and cell level and automate your data collection, distribution, and reviewal.



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