5 Ways API-Based eCommerce Delivers Seamless, Cost-Effective Systems Integration

Amaze your shoppers while reducing demands on your IT team

To exceed your customers' expectations with distinctive buying experiences that keep them coming back for more, your ecommerce roadmap can include major milestones:

  • Create new customer-facing experiences on an ever-expanding list of platforms, including social media, interactive kiosks, apps, and video games, as well as on a new platform that will be launched next Thursday.
  • Enable convenient, seamless transactions in any web environment
  • Iterate different versions of your site to suit the tastes, language, and currency of the market you’re entering
  • Monetize your content, in whatever CMS you’re invested in.

To attain these milestones with an all-in-one/monolithic ecommerce system, you may need to call upon an army of developers, scale a mountain of technical glitches, and blow your budget. Even then, you may not have time to do it all before your competition does.

Fortunately, API-based digital commerce changes everything.

By uncoupling your storefront from the omnichannel commerce platform (merchandizing, order management, routing, and more), API-based commerce provides you with the freedom to innovate and build commerce based on your vision while saving you money and time—not to mention taking a load off your IT team.

Here are five great ways API-based commerce can benefit you.


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