Guide to Defending Against Business Email Compromise

DMARC adoption rose by 81% in 2021, and for good reason. DMARC protection is fundamental to both email and domain security.

​Whether you’re looking to defend against ransomware attacks, CEO fraud, data theft, or other types of Business Email Compromise (BEC), implementing DMARC can help provide the additional security your organization needs.

This Buyer’s Guide is more than a basic overview. We walk you through the decisions, considerations, and knowledge needed to find the right DMARC product and provider for your business, including:

  • What DMARC is and where it came from
  • Why DMARC is important and the threats it protects against
  • How DMARC works from reporting to policies and more
  • Everything to look for in a DMARC provider and product
  • Expert answers to some very common DMARC questions



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