Generative AI:  

New world, new work

As generative AI has swept across the global stage, it’s been clear something big was about to happen—to the economy, to business and society, to people’s livelihoods. But how big would the change be? When would it hit? And would the impact be destructive or productive, embraced or feared, unifying or polarizing?

In this partnership between Oxford Economics and Cognizant, we provide new insights from fresh research about generative AI. See how big of an impact generative AI is likely to have and what percentage of functions are likely to be impacted.

Gen AI has the power to enhance, augment and automate many tasks across all areas of the economy, but also sets the stage for a profound shift in how we approach work, productivity and economic growth. Read our report to learn about the new way of working that generative AI is heralding.



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