Fraud in the Cyber Era: 

2024 Fraud Trends and Insights

In 2023, the landscape of payment fraud has drastically shifted to the cyber realm, profoundly impacting businesses: 96% of US companies were targeted by fraud at least once in the last 12 months. The surge in sophisticated fraud attacks fuelled by automation and AI has led to significant damages for US companies. This unprecedented escalation outlines the need to embrace technology and invest in advanced fraud prevention strategies.

In our exclusive 2024 fraud report, find out about:

  • Trends, numbers, and insights on B2B fraud in the US
  • An analysis of how US companies are reacting to these risks
  • Advice to set up the best defense strategies against fraud
  • Keys to shift successfully to automated fraud prevention

In collaboration with Cint, a digital research group, Baptiste Collot, CEO of Trustpair, and Lee-Ann Perkins, assistant treasurer, and NACHA Advisory Board Member.


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