Flex forward toward a better lifestyle with plant-based foods

Today’s consumers are spending more time at home and are seeking simple foods to comfort, nourish and sustain. Univar Solutions can help you innovate, using the freshest ingredients to keep pace with the growing market demand for cleaner food ingredient labels. Health-conscious consumers are choosing plant-based foods more often. Read how a Flexitarian diet is changing the way we eat and formulate sustainable food products.

​In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What the “Flexitarian” lifestyle is
  • How Flexitarians are shaping the market and leading innovation
  • How plant-based foods offer sustainable solutions and how we produce, transport and consume foods is playing a significant role in the current climate crisis
  • The growth and value of plant-based foods
  • What protein alternatives are available and how plant-based foods are healthier for your lifestyle and immune system



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