Financial Experience and Patient Satisfaction: 

Reducing friction to drive more transparent and actionable financial processes

The healthcare industry is facing a customer experience (CX) crisis, and both payers and providers must take active steps in improving their reputation among the general public if they hope to turn things around. Payments and claims are one prime example of how patients end up bearing the brunt of the industry’s inefficiency.

​Zelis commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of payment and claims processes in the US. Forrester conducted an online survey with revenue leaders at US healthcare providers to explore this topic.

In this whitepaper, you will learn more about:

  • Payment and claims experiences cannot be separated from patient experience
  • Similarly, patient experience and member experience cannot be separated
  • Providers are committed to reducing payment/claims friction, but don’t have a clear understanding of how
  • Payers are uniquely situated to help with claims and payment friction


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