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An OSHA-compliant visitor email template

As a manufacturing company, you experience a huge volume of visitors coming in and out of your locations. Tracking everyone at such a scale, as well as ensuring they sign-in, have the necessary paperwork, and have already completed their safety training before they arrive is tricky–especially if you’re using methods from twenty years ago (anyone got a pen?).

It’s time to put Excel and your notepad aside. This is where your visitor management system comes in handy. Your VMS can help your business comply with OSHA regulations by:

  • Tracking visitors in and out of your facilities or work sites
  • Ensuring visitors sign-in at the front desk with the right details, paperwork, and ID
  • Request visitors to watch, understand, and confirm important health and safety videos or training, all before they arrive onsite

With a visitor management system, you can create specific visitor types that suit your needs. That means you can send contractors, vendors, delivery people, and guests personalized emails with the exact information they need to stay safe onsite. So to get you started, we’ve created an OSHA-specific email that you can send to all visitors, helping you to stay compliant while keeping everyone safe on site.



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