Data-Driven Insight for the Modern Grid

Utilities are sitting at a crossroads as they face vast and fundamental decisions about reliably, effectively and safely providing power to consumers. New power sources in multiple forms of renewables and other distributed energy resources are reshaping the grid's landscape. As the grid turns digital, utilities need to accurately monitor and measure more of the grid in real-time and in more places to predict outages, locate faults before grid disruption, and improve renewable integration.

​Micatu's Gridview optical sensing technology bridges the measurement gap between today's analog, one-directional system and the future bi⁠-⁠directional grid.

Learn more about the factors driving the explosive growth of DERs, the operational problems DERs create and the role data will play as the new currency and lifeblood of a distributed grid being powered by an increasingly higher penetration of intermittent renewables.



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