During the downturn, unlock hundreds of hours of human capital with Sales Order Automation

Lean, modern companies don’t possess unlimited runway. Faced with the current service disruptions, they need to trim all unnecessary spend. 

In many companies, the handling of sales orders is highly inefficient. The average CSR spends a third of their day manually keying in purchase orders. Sales order automation can be implemented inside 30 days, without any burden to IT, freeing up hundreds of hours of human capital. Rapidly, companies can do a lot more with a lot less. 

The Conexiom team can rapidly deliver a tailored business case that demonstrates your return on investment and minimal time-to-value. In every case, even the most complex orders are processed with 100% accuracy. 

Trade in dated, traditional processes for modern processes, and gain resilience and agility – now, and on the other side of the current disruption.

In this guide, you will learn how Sales Order Automation can: 

  • Reduce operational costs and win back thousands of hours of human capital.
  • Reduce order cycle times and eliminate order backlogs. 
  • Enable you to focus on improving customer service and boosting customer loyalty.



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