Discover 7 Metaverse Use Cases for Life Sciences Sales and Marketing

For life sciences organizations, the metaverse presents both opportunity and uncertainty. On one hand, it offers companies a vast and immersive platform to engage with stakeholders on a more meaningful level. On the other, the virtual world has yet to fully realize its potential and fulfill the promise it holds.

​A new Cognizant survey confirmed this paradox facing life sciences leaders: More than 40% see the metaverse as a “good” or “tremendous” opportunity, and yet over 70% have not even had discussions about implementing a metaverse project in their organization.

Given the ongoing evolution of the metaverse, it is natural for organizations to exhibit both enthusiasm and caution. At the same time, organizations must prepare for a future where our physical and virtual worlds become inextricably intertwined.

The overwhelming majority of survey respondents (64%) see use cases within the sales and marketing domain as the biggest opportunity for the metaverse in life sciences. Our new paper examines seven key sales and marketing use cases that life sciences organizations can adopt to embrace the metaverse. Download the paper to learn how to leverage the metaverse across product launches; product visualization and demos; HCP awareness and education; and patient engagement, support and education.



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