Is Your Payment Tool Working for You?

Check Our Construction Payment Checklist to Find Out

In the construction industry, payments are notoriously slow. Important legal processes precede the proper disbursement of funds, making the time it takes for money to actually move into the pockets of those who need it feel interminable.

​Built Pay is changing all that.

A digital tool that streamlines and simplifies vendor payments, Built Pay not only helps construction professionals organize their payments more efficiently, but it also helps expedite the payment timeline so work gets done more quickly. Built Pay facilitates the automation and digitization of payments through an easy-to-use interface that offers a clear, bird’s eye view over every payment for every project.

This tool helps construction pros gather all necessary legal documentation that precedes the ability to remit funds, then catalogues and organizes that documentation once it’s received, automatically paying vendors and subcontractors when all criteria have been met, and more.

Built Pay can take care of everything.

Sure, your current payment system may be working—but is it actually working for you? Take a look at our Construction Payment Checklist to see how your payment tool stacks up.



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