Build Grid Resiliency with Improved Situational Awareness in the Control Room

The power grid is evolving and growing in complexity, making reliability more challenging. Utilities are charged with increasing operational performance through these ever-changing conditions while managing and understanding expanded data sets that help operators understand the changing state of the grid.

Real-time situational awareness is often cited as a key tenet for the utility control room to manage the evolution of the power system. But what is situational awareness (SA)? How does your utility provide one of the most important components of the grid – the human operator – the right tools to increase efficiency, improve situational awareness, and manage the grid with fewer errors in normal and emergency situations?

In this report you'll discover:

  • What situational awareness is and the key facets needed to obtain SA in your control center
  • How human factors evaluations help operators gain SA and increase efficiencies, improve operator workflow, and provide greater opportunities for operational success
  • The optimal criteria that you should consider when selecting tools for your control center to gain greater situational awareness of the power system
  • How advanced visualizations aid in improving situational awareness and foster grid resiliency



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