Bioscience Development in Iowa: Core Competencies, Platform Identification and Crosscutting Strategies

The Roadmap to Iowa’s Bioscience Revolution

Iowa’s natural resources, innovation-focused regulatory environment and world-class research institutions have long positioned the state as one of the Midwest’s bioscience hotbeds. 

To maximize the state’s opportunities in the field, the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Iowa Innovation Council tasked TEConomy Partners, LLC with conducting a study of bioscience-based economic development opportunities within Iowa.

Download the report for key insights into how Iowa’s bioscience industry can support your business and an in-depth look at the roadmap to Iowa’s bioscience revolution, including:

  • Previous and emerging bioscience research core competencies.
  • Bioscience sectors translating research core competencies into commercial activity and competitive technology platforms.
  • Strategies employed by public-private partnerships across the state to capitalize on opportunities for bioscience-based economic development.



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