How supply chain optimization and integrated production planning reduces costs by 30%

Consumer product manufacturers’ success will be defined by their ability to remain agile and resilient in the face of change and unforeseen disruptions. To seize business growth opportunities and maintain competitiveness, manufacturers must incorporate robust digital platforms and toolsets to optimize their manufacturing value chain.

Manufacturers must:

  • Enable cross-functional supply chain visibility and collaboration
  • Deploy advanced production planning and scheduling
  • Digitize and standardize best practices, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reporting
  • Leverage operational data with predictive and prescriptive artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Create a digital thread that contextualizes information across the supply chain
  • Establish new KPIs to measure and improve the speed and agility

Download our whitepaper to see how digital transformation of manufacturing operations is a critical foundation to deliver operational efficiency and flexibility improvements and the end-to-end supply chain visibility enterprises need in a post-pandemic marketplace.



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