4 Ways IoT is Changing Business in 2021

IoT is one of the most important technologies of this century!

As an interconnected internet of networks, sensors, devices, and data, the Internet of Things can collect and send information, receive data, and act upon it. The following are just some of the factors driving the explosion of the internet of things:

  • Sensor fusion
  • 4G & 5G networks
  • More powerful devices and processors

In 1926 Nikola Tesla predicted that "when wireless is perfectly applied, the whole world will convert into a huge brain." Time has proven Tesla to be astonishingly prescient. Nearly a century later, all IoT devices form part of what is, in effect, a collective "brain” in which microprocessors perform the function of organic cells. IoT has become in our world what a brain is to an individual.

Today, this global IoT “brain” connects billions of people, machines, and new technologies, including AI and robotics. Increasingly, it is clear that IoT is directly affecting how we think, move, and function. Ultimately, the impact of IoT on business is significant and affects how companies continuously adapt going into the future.

Are you ready to envision IoT technology solutions for your business?

  • Smart office & environment
  • Behavior monitoring and efficiency
  • Helath concerns and contactless workplaces
  • ...and more!



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