2024 FMCG Retail Readiness Report: 

Aligning Price and Promotion Optimization Ambition with Operational Reality

FMCG retailers are aware of the need to make smart, accurate price and promotion decisions more rapidly. However, there is a gap between retailers’ opinions of the value of advanced pricing and promotion practices and their self-ratings of their performance. This spells opportunity.

Understand how to overcome barriers and reap the benefits of a strategic digital transformation. In this report, you’ll learn expert insights, such as:

  • The need for a strategic transformative approach to optimize price and promotion strategies today
  • The current state of pricing and promotion initiatives, including differences between retail ‘winners’ and ‘non-winners’
  • The most common barriers to price optimization and how a holistic approach helps overcome them
  • Actionable recommendations to move from a tactical to a transformational pricing and promotion strategy



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