2021 E-Commerce Marketer Survey:

Skills, Teams & Processes for the Future

When researchers cover e-commerce marketing trends, often they report on the technology driving change. But it’s people who implement new technology and practices that generate growth. All too often these e-commerce marketing professionals are overlooked in industry reporting.

Sidecar developed the inaugural E-commerce Marketer Survey to fill this data gap, leveraging their unique relationship with e-commerce marketers to dive deep into the trends shaping these new roles and skill sets. Sidecar aimed to demonstrate how e-commerce marketer teams, skills, and processes are evolving, and how these changes are driving the industry forward.

Sidecar’s annual deep dive into e-commerce marketing roles will help you:

  • Learn how your peers are growing their skills and experience
  • Understand if you’re spending your time on the right efforts
  • Look ahead to hiring trends and what they mean for your team
  • Identify areas of improvement in your own marketing processes

We hope this report empowers you to make more informed decisions for your individual growth and team development.


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