2020 HR Technology Breakthroughs & Top Emerging 2021 Trends

The year 2020 will be memorable for everyone, but especially for Human Resources professionals. This year challenged HR professionals to step up to the plate as heroes to the employees and to the organization. It was a time to bring people together (while apart), challenge the norms and use technology to fill the gaps.

From reinventing the workplace experience to prioritizing health and safety to taking a closer look at diversity and inclusion, we’ll discuss all the achievements and breakthroughs for HR professionals across various industries. We’ll also look at what those breakthroughs signal for 2021 and how to continue moving forward and innovating.

In a world filled with negative news, this is the positive webinar you’ve been looking for!


  • 6 HR trends we saw emerge in 2020 (that we actually loved and learned from)
  • How HR professionals are planning for 2021 (now that we can do anything!)
  • The strategic secret role that pay plays in your updated HR technology stack (yep, pay!)



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